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In any healthcare facility; Plumbing, Med Gas and HVAC systems are crucial to the safety and sanitation of all personnel and patients. Burdick Plumbing & Heating fully understands this fact and offers programs tailored to the needs of any functioning medical facility. These offers range from preventive and predictive maintenance programs to fully integrated facility management programs with full-time on-site technicians ensuring the proper operation of the medical facility's plumbing, med gas and HVAC systems. Burdick Plumbing & Heating proudly serves the plumbing and HVAC needs for both major hospitals in the Decatur area.

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Every educational facility has the major goal of providing the best learning environment to its students. Burdick Plumbing & Heating recognizes that comfort of a school’s occupants are crucial aspects to providing such an environment. Because of this, we offer maintenance programs to ensure proper and efficient operation of HVAC and plumbing systems.

New Construction

Burdick Plumbing & Heating provides new construction and renovation services for both educational and healthcare facilities. Our technicians and managers each have the necessary qualifications and experience with these types of projects to provide the owner with a great end product.